Quiet Day

Today was Monday, and for probably the first time ever, it was a simple, quiet day. We really didn’t do much in the way of school. Our summer schedule is a bit lax, but we still move ahead with our main subjects. Today was just a day to relax after the chaos of the weekend. The Muffin Man turned 4 on July 3, but we had to put his party off until the 7th so that those family members who have to work during the week were able to attend. He had a fabulous time, got some wonderful gifts, and wore us all out ! As much as I love him, I stayed up all night on Friday to try and finish one last present I was making for him. I was so worn out the next day that I wasn’t sure I’d even have the energy to go to his party, and the worst part was that I stayed up all that time and still didn’t finish the gift. (Pics of this will come as soon as it is done). Anyway, so today we just sat around playing with the new toys and enjoyeding a day of not doing much, trying to get our energy back. Maybe we can use some of it to go to the pool tomorrow.

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Well, I spent this past week trying to decide what to put as the first post here when the site went live, and I guess I waited long enough, because today it was decided for me, and there’s really no better one I could have made. Our family survived what could have been a truly devastating disaster. What an amazing way to humble us all!

Below I am posting you the photos of what appears to have been a tornado (the word is not official yet as of the time of this post) that touched down only two houses over from ours. So while this first post is short, it involves learning to look at each new day as though it could be our last…and a whole lot of thanking God that today wasn’t!

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